Party Girl is building number 349. Its build at the famous Zenda wharf in Wisconsin US. The boat was build by Harry Melges on special order from the Porter brothers, and later bought of the Nergaard brothers.

Melges 24 is an international recognized one-design boat, and has both European- and Worldchampionships regulary. During the last seven years the boat has grown in popularity and become very popular among some of the worlds greatest sailors. There are close to 600 boats in total - most of them competing frequently in regattas.

The boat was designed by Buddy Megles with the mould of the winning Americas Cup boat in 1992. Together with the design team of Reichel & Pugh the boat was developed and the first boat called "Zenda Express" was launched. The boat is now produced in the US and Poland to cover the bigger and bigger demand for these light and very quick preformance racingboats

The boat is very light with a big sailarea - this combination makes it very quick on the race course. Speed on the hull through water has been reported to be over 30 knots - and Partygirl (NOR 288) had 20-25 knots on the virgin trip before the gennakerhalyard came off......

Technical datas:
Length: 7,32 meters
Beam: 2,50 meters
Weight: 809 kilos
Sails: Main, furling jib, Asymmetric spinnaker
Combined crew weight Maximum: max 360 kilos