Team J & J

Team J & J was base on an initative and owership by the the two brothers Jens og Jørgen Altern Wathne. During the fall of 1999 money was raised to buy a Melges 24. This boat was a natural pick after sailing with great sucesess the cruiser/racer that the family owned. They still have this boat, a Contrast 33 called - S/Y Patera. To compete with the Melges in both National and International competitions were a challenge which was tempiting enougth to realise. There is a regular crew of four on the boat, but there is several sailors that step in if another sailor is out for some reason.

Jens Altern Wathne:

E-mail :
Mobile : 995 68 688
Education : Marinbiologist
Place of work : Bergen

Has sailed since he started primery school. Sailed dingies like Optimist and Europe before he at the age of 14 started to helm the families Contrast 33. After ending his Univeristy studies at the University of Tromsoe he has sailed ALOT. The racing both Nationally and Internatonailly on board boats like Bashford 36, Mumm 30, X99, X362s, J-125, IMX38, 2-tonner, Wally 105 [NOR 105]. Has crossed the North Sea 3 times, has competed in three X-99 Worldchampionships. He has sailed the Worlds longest freshwater race from Chcago - Makinaw on a Sydney 38, the race is 330 nautical miles. He has been three times in the Key West Race Week (2000 Mumm 30, 2002 Henderson 30 and 2004 Mumm 30). Onboard he tactics, steering and trim main.
Goal : Be the best and have fun. Wants to move on to bigger projects and work with his passtion for sailing full time.

Jørgen Altern Wathne:

E-mail :  Mobile : 901 79 819
Education : Civil enginer in construction.
Place of work : Bergen

After a short time as dingy sailor he moved to bigger boats. The first keelboat was a wooden BB11. Has been sailing active since he was 16. While studying he sailed with Team Virginia [X-372 og Bashford 36]. Has sailed ALOT of races with different boats - mainly locally in the western parts of Norway. Has raced boats like Rainbow 42, X 95, X 102, X 99, X 372, X 362s, X-3/4tons og Sigma 38. Has crossed the North Sea three times and sailed three X-99 Worldchampionships in X-99. He don't remember how many Faerderen he has sailed in total. Jørgen is the main jib and spinnaker trimmer, but also do tactics. He plays a vital prat of preparing the boat before racing.
Goal: Be the best and have fun. Lives and breaths for the sport of sailing.

Peder Risvik::

Navn: Peder Risvik
Yrke: Snekker
Bosted: Kopervik

Peder var med oss til EM i Torquay høsten 2005 og storkoste seg. Han har også vært med på NM og NC tidligere. Han har tidligere seilt båter som Elvstrøm 717, 11 MOD, Laser. For tiden seiler han som trimmer på en First 36.7 som seilte regattaen mellom Bergen og Shetland. Peder er teamets handy mann og sier aldri nei. Han er en som setter laget først og har troen på at vi kan få det til.
Målsetning: Gjøre sine egne oppgaver best mulig, gjør alt for at resultatet skal bli best mulig og at vi har det gøy!

Duncan Peace: Tactician

Name: Duncan Peace
Telephone: +44 7796261246
Education: Naval Architect
Live: Nether Wallop, England

Duncan started dinghy sailing at the age of 8, with team racing at school, and went on to represent Southampton University in team racing events. After graduating with a degree in Naval Architecture, Duncan spent time working with UK yacht designer, Edward Dubois, sailing a number of high profile International Offshore Rule (IOR) yachts in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Following this apprenticeship, Duncan designed and campaigned a very successful quarter ton yacht during the early 80s.

By the mid 80’s one-design racing was gaining in popularity, and Duncan switched from offshore racing to the Olympic Star class and the new US J24 class. Although the Star has never gained enough popularity in the UK to sustain fleet racing, the J24 has become one of the leading one design class in the UK and in Europe, and Duncan has been a regular participant in events throughout Europe over the last 15 years.

More recently Duncan started sailing the Melges 24 in the UK, and while working in Norway in the late 90’s, introduced Jens and Jurgen to the excitement of the Melges Class. Since then J & J have gone from strength to strength, and Duncan re-joins the team for the 2004 season.

Christian Lunde Nærø

Navn:Christian Lunde Nærø
Telefon: +44 959 38 641
Yrke: Daglig Leder Bergen Seil
Bodsted:Bergen Sandviken

Startet i yngling og pappas turseiler, First Class 8, Ekspress, Drake, IMX 40, IMS 46, div Grand Soleiler og Melges osv osv

Om bord jobber Christian mest med spinnaker trim og ellers informasjonsflyt på kryssen.

Målsetning: fred på jord gjennom seiling og pilates- eller- vinne en del, samt å være med på mye.

Håvard Ravn Ottesen:

Name: Håvard Ravn Ottesen
Mobilde: +47 90139430
Education : Explorer
Place of work : Trondheim.

Started as a jibtrimmer on a Accent 26, and has many hours onboard the Contrast 33 locally in Haugesund district. Bought a dingy when he moved to Trondheim, but became a crew member on a Diva 39. Has been racing on boats like X 412, X 99, First Class 8 and 10. Known for a variable temper and mood on the day after a victory party. Ask the man about how a Olympic race course is and he knows the answear!
Goal: Thrill seeker!